Why use Read With Color?

Pop-Up Window with Colorized Text

This extension was designed to assist dyslexic readers, beginning readers and other readers with a variety of learning challenges. This tool colorizes syllables throughout a paragraph emphasizing the structure of each word and making it easier to see and pronounce. It also emphasizes the punctuation at the end of each sentence to help the reader keep their place.

Simple to Use

Select a passage on a page. Click on the Read With Color icon found in the upper right hand corner of your window. A popup window will appear with your text colorized and graphically transformed.

Ability to Personalize Tool

Options include a choice of color background color, syllable color, font size and font style. Printing or Saving to a File You may print the contents of the pop-up window by clicking on the “Print/Save” button and chose a printer associated with your computer. You may also save the contents by clicking on the “Print/Save” by printing to a pdf file under “Destination”. Before printing make sure that your “Background graphics” setting is checked (Under More Settings…Options).

To try ReadWithColor

Use this site’s Contact Us form to ask for a trial of this extension.